Fender SRV Opiniones Guitar

of Stevie Ray Vaughan’s debut, ‘Texas Flood,’ we’re teaming up with Sony Legacy, Fender and GuySpeed to give one lucky reader a Stevie.

As you know, Stevie died about 10 weeks later, and the Fender SRV Opiniones GuitarĀ Strat was abandoned until 1991. Jimmie would have vetoed the idea of limited edition guitars and pleased t focused on the goal of making affordable guitar SRV for any child (or big kid) who wants one. This jives with the fact that Tex-Mex Strat Jimmie agrees is one of the most affordable Strats.It Note that I re Ois any of this information directly from employees or Fender. I welcome any corrections.Supposedly, there were about a dozen Custom Shop SRV did in 1989, with half of them now in possession of Jimmie and other donated or sold.

One person says he knows a collector paid $ 18,000 for one. (Incidentally, the rumor that Randy Bachman bought Number One is completely false.) Only a relatively small number SRV actually had buttons Rosewood Brazil as specified in the promotional literature of Fender original d largely to issues of environmental protection in the use of wood from the rainforest in mass production. Pau Ferro, also known as Rosewood Bolivian iron or wood is used on all but the first few games SRV strategy. Pau ferro can come from a number of places -. Brazil, Bolivia, Africa, etc

A few years ago, someone told me they had spoken with two people on the Fender SRV amount of Brazilian rosewood. We were told that there was “probably less than 100,” and the other says “no more than 50.” Watch sales guitars for the last 10 years, there is certainly a lot more than 100 people claiming & nbsp; have SRV with Brazilian rosewood. Another person said that an employee of Fender said the foreman be Custom Shop said there were “about 50” made in the custom shop rosewood, and there were less than 100. < / P>

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