Fender SRV Reissue Guitar

C’est en 1974 qu’il trouve la guitare de ses rêves, “Number One” ou “First Wife”, une Fender Stracocaster 59 avec micros d’origine, et des éléments composites.

I would say something that would pay tribute to the context of this article, but when it comes down to it …. it looked game that made me want to be a guitar player ……. I saw it when I’m 13 years-old for the first time, and got my first Fender SRV Reissue Guitar this month ….. I am now 37 and it is still one of the pillars when my neighbors / friends and I meet with jam / beverage / den.  We throw a youtube video playlist on it and in the bottom right  have. A local children recently seen the YouTube video of him playing “Pride and Joy” at El Mocambo in Toronto.  He is 11 and he was mesmerized. 

He turned to me and said: I want to learn to play guitar, so I can do it “Now the compliment that I offer, is not the story, but a question!: Just how many times in his life and death to someone, young or old said that Think . When we talk about guitar influences, everyone has their own, but people and those I met this little thing on the Internet, it is clear to me that love for this man and his talent, combined with the story of his life and premature death (man that can not be overstated enough) is both a personal and professional admiration hurricane.

Align some big name players Hendrix, Stevie, Eddie VH, it happens …. but few had the heart and the love he had in the way he did, and that he found a way out of the bad things in his life falling from the sky and end all makes not just the story of a great guitar player, but only a man, who was also normal that each of us, and therefore subject to the same struggles.Stevie Ray Vaughan was a man who was injured, was found a few dark moments, and then found a way out, sharing every bit of love that he could for those he cared about ….. oh, and by the way … ..he played a mean guitar. 

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