Fender SRV Review Harmony Guitar

The guys from Fender Custom Shop are taking apart and examining Stevie Ray Vaughan’s favorite guitar (he refered to it as his number one wife.

Yellow was not the number one stolen. What the fuck !!!! Facts, bring them directly. Do not talk or type until then.I think the Fender SRV Review Harmony Guitar¬†is very cool n all wise story, but this is just an instrument. It was as good as the one that played. And that person could choose your guitar or mine and have always sounded amazing. He was in his soul. This guitar was only following orders. I hate to think children interested in picking up the guitar could feel if they spend the extra money they are going to sound like SRV. It aint happnin. Get a guitar down and play what’s in your heart.Jimmy has all the guitars Srvs.

I saw Buddy Guys last year the night b4 the Crossroads Guitar Festival.After the show saw almost half down the block with a cigarrette so I went to talk to a pleasant conversation him.What .I just wanted to tell him how he and his brother and both were followed for over 25 years.I asked if he had guitars and if wouod display some time, but it can not yet that it gets so emotional every time he pulls! I love how this video is “Number One”, but the song is playing in the Lenny guitar.

He was told idiots screaming in the audience to be quiet while Stevie was quiet and gently plating! Excellent camera work by the way! You were at a crossroads and met Jimmy. Incredible! VERY history fra Che, wish I could say. I liked the talent SRV for many years. His love and his fa On which he mixes his Vox amps and Marshal. He was the man without s R. Thinking about buildin a strat and I noticed what appears to be a brass nut on the neck of his guitar, but I’m not s R. I have brass nut on an old Carvin V220 and the sustain is incredible. Always wondered what it would be on a strat.Even Srvs strat had a repro logo .. not surprising to see the state of rest.¬†

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