Fender SRV Review

Granted this one in particular was custom built to look naturally worn as it’s a model of Fender SRV Number One Relic Strat guitar.

You not heard of guitar that was demo’d on a PRS amp that sounded good.PRS is a damn good guitar amps but is its lack that wow factor or people using cant adjust the shit.Should to play through a Fender amp. SRV did not use a PRS amp, and that is simply not a way to showcase Fender guitars. This amp sounds horrible. The look of the Fender SRV Review guitar to tell me and buy me .Hate The tone of SRV. But the love of the guitar well ! Awesome review! : D You can just see how much fun this guy had to play this thing. So jealous. great game and your kick ass! This is my dream Stratocaster! Great review man, solid game! Thank you for the tip, I’m already registered! These are really killers Strat, I’d love to get your hands on one of them, will continue to dream of the day.

Not everyone buys a SRV Strat just because they need to look like him. Many people buy these either together or just play at home for fun and to have an imagination. I do not see what’s so wrong with being a fan of fender srv stratocaster ash and want to play guitar like his. I have an Eric Clapton strat and I guess you can give me shit for owning one because I love the sound and I love the guitar. I’m not buying it because I was like Clapton, I bought it because (even though I really like his sound) because it is a nice guitar to have fun with blocking for fun. I think your comment is really rude. In addition, you will see that even famous musicians use signature guitars from other artists to record in the studio and doing shows.

So, why do not you go give them too much shit and come back and tell me how it went.Sounds nothing like Stevie. All guitar players know that you have the combination of guitar amp right. The most impressive guitar sounds terrible bad amp. The fender srv stratocaster action guitar sound is amazing !! I think you do a great job to recreate the correct sound for the guitar you do demonstrations. Strat like John Mayer JM, it sounds like Stevie etc … They say you can not just take the same speed as an artist and sound exactly like him, but it’s fucking close! I have this guitar, it’s just great to give constructive feedback distortion for the demo is very well, do you hear only the guitar on your own. 

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