Fender SRV Signature Stratocaster Guitar

On display ’til mid-October downtown at the Bob Bullock State History Museum. It’s sorta strange to think about how it was only around 35 years.

Its a replica of the original sleeve sure.The years ago removed wear.Numerous collars were added and deleted since the last original.The Fender SRV Signature Stratocaster Guitar¬†neck was destroyed in an accident scene when a lighting truss caused damage to it, the guitar was only slightly damaged.The final neck was added and one remained on the Fender guitar until removed for examination of the material Gold replica.The was added to asthetics and SRV stickers script were added before a “Tonight Show” real No. appearence.Stevie Ray One is in Gatlinburg, Tennessee Hard Rock Cafe.

SRV Number One Guitar is with his brother and im pretty s R. I do not think Stevie brother sell his little brothers favorite strat for money.shook his hand twice ’85 and ’89. this great man and a musician. I’m in Austin TX last September to work. it was really cool to see the places SRV played in Austin. very cool city. Shiner …. yes a very good beer for you. Never tried before it has trip.Lenny different lettering and features a chrome hardware. Fender has it WAY wrong.I knew it was a replica, because it lacks the white body on the leg near the ankle strap.

They sell replicas reliced on ebay for like $ 2000, but this is a good price, I think Stevie was buried with the number 1 as well.I would just anything to be as good as Stevie Ray, it was really a ispiration .they are selling like $ 13,000 just in the center of the guitar, I do not even want to see the MSRP.jimmy originally ..stevie changed to white writing letters and pick guard has been changed black with c sides black but it is not a good copy.This Number of Stevie … He had a different SRV stickers before his unfortunate departure. ¬†

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