Fender SRV Strat Neck Guitar

Fender SRV Number One Relic Stratocaster. 34 likes · 1 talking about this. Very nice hand made relic Fender SRV No.1 Stratocaster ! Only $498.

And I think we should also remember to give a tip of the hat to Jimmie Lee. He not only takes care of the legacy of his brother (a very noble and honorable thing to do), but, frankly, if there was no SNIDs, more technology, we would not have many goodies and beautiful things we have today, as the whole box of Fender SRV Strat Neck Guitar and others. Jimmie must have taken a long time to dig through the truck and get all the stored tracks, then put it all together for us. Nice powerful, I would say..I really seen many of these guitars Guitar Show in Dallas. If you go to the website at the top of the box you glass in the vid, you can find more information – if you are interested. Thank you again for the extract!

I wish I could leave my wife and children in this box of glass bring the fender srv strat history house guitar. Do you think the box you are “served” I thought it was cuz my uncle knew stevie for a while and he said he would be buried with it.I read Jimmie SRV No. 1 with him at all times … When Fender wanted to document SRV guitar, they met at an undisclosed hotel.And, even if its cold put a replica to commemorate SRV blood …. kinda sucks that a lot of people (in this case video man) think actually its guitar.whatever SRV arrived at No. 1 I hope they buried him …. Although I bet Jimmy got it.

I heard that my brother Texan. It was done and would well.it. I met Christian Brooks (SRV guitar straps made) Rick Derringer, Eric Johnson and Gary Hoey in this show. We had a great time. I miss SRV bad !! Use it to catch his shows in Austin back in the 70 as a dollar.SRV was the greatest. there will never be another as great as him. He was difinitely God’s way of showing! I certainly do, Bro. Lived here all my life. Would not have another fa On, even though I have traveled all over the world.That was pleased t well on my rack withe the 3 other strats! 

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