Fender SRV Stratocaster Elad Guitar

Stratocaster┬« Pickguard, Gold Anodized Aluminum, 1-ply, 8-Hole, for 3 single coil pickups. Fits ’57 American Vintage, SRV and Eric Clapton Stratocasters┬« …

I heard it was sold at auction but it’s just a rumor that should be the real # 1 if his brother is the extract right.I think Stevie was cremated, not s R 100% tho … but I think you ‘re thinking of Dimebag, who was buried with frankenstrat.I of EVH thought Stevie was buried with number one or was it Lenny maybe I just misunderstood something.The Fender SRV Stratocaster Elad Guitar is the real deal. “Number 1” currently resides with all other gear Stevie in a storage chamber 800 square feet in the Tower of Frost Bank in Austin, Texas.It is not a replica. Fender architect Mark Kendrick and others flew in Austin, TX (the hometown of Jimmie Vaughan) in September 2003 to examine and photograph (note camera on the table) guitar Steve Vaughan who was in possession of his brother.

Fender announced in November 2003, they begin producing 100 replicas (first prototype was revealed in 2004 Name show). The work of Stevie hack on the bridge can be seen at 2:14, 6:16 (MK pointing to it) and 6:41 (wood exposed to background) .i do not think the number is actuall because srv on recovery care is different from its real if u watch him play vdeos it.i see now different SRV stickers, different neck and headstock, this fender srv stratocaster output guitar is a very good reproduction that appears t often at Dallas blues fest. there are other videos of this on youtube.

unless Stevie and Jimmie replaced the SRV stickers, this NUMBER ONE.nope had gold tuners and stickers that were used out some vids right before died.Coolest runway to highlight the focus and sound to strat. SRV was the master of tone. Real Good choice.this isnt true because TUNIG Nobs its thouse were of gold are made of plastic which had different stickers on it when it died.i do not know if Stevie would affect people in the First wife I need regular. as a Pretty ironic that reading a piece was not actually recorded on number 1.

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