Fender SRV Stratocaster Neck Guitar

I just bought a used SRV strat. I just had it set up.. After inspecting the setup work I noticed that the fender decal was applied OVER the lacquer.

Dr thing Is that the SRV did not play “Lenny” using a number .. but pleased t the maple neck Strat that his wife gave him.The fender srv stratocaster neck guitar is certainly real images No. 1. I have the magazine that covered the cloning of the SRV No. 1. These are the same people in the same room, the same table and Jimmy was there too. This is the largest ever made original neck, size D,. Custody of the original selection was not delivered on because Stevie had opted for this special personalized care, which was already on the guitar in his last two shows.This is just a replica Fender Custom Shop. No real Stevie Ray

One is in Gatlinburg, Tennessee Hard Rock Cafe.I like this fender srv stratocaster quack guitar so much, and I really wish I could have, or an exact replica. Unfortunately, the probability is very low. I could never afford it. I love my Strat, so that will do just fine.Wow guy, this guitar was beaten more then I thought. He never took his guitar on the plane, it was in the truck headed to the net event. Jimmie is in possession of this beautiful guitar right now. Stevie changed the neck because it broke, and then when he Jimmie he put the original back on at 3:42 it.About it strats using Octavia or something.

Wow, this run was clubbed over the years! Must have been all work refret. I think it has to change the neck shortly before his death because of it, but Jimmie put the handle back on the original later.A powerful yet humble guy, who played a humble and powerful instrument. If you pla t, Jimmie. Put it in a museum !! Its reply. The SRV custody selection proves it. SRV was the acctual metal, one on this guitar is white.Look how the handle is thin. WAS is the origin of this fa Or is it all from re-frettings Neck that broke was a replacement because the original handle was removed because brace take another refret.

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