Fender SRV Stratocaster Serial Numbers Guitar

“Red is a 1962 Fender Stratocaster which Stevie acquired in late 1983 … Throw a reverse headstock 70s neck and an srv sticker plus a lenny.

How many pick guards do you think he went through? That thing has been in storage since he died (in all likelihood). Heck, the SRV decal changed frequently. There’s no disputing the vid, and the song selected is perfect.some people said it was buried with him which i think it should be. But Jimmie Vaughan has it locked up with a lot of his others.thats what ive heard, i just wondered if it made that much of a difference. Did his tech make any other changes to his tube screamers?they were replace shortly before his death I believe. He used them for a little while.

I don’t think that this is the original fender srv stratocaster serial numbers number one … look at the lettering on the pickguard … the original letters were just stick on reflector letters from walmart … and the knobs look way to new. I might be an idiot … I don’t know if this was “supposed” to be the original I just got that impression from the video and some of the comments.It was a little beat up when he got it..nothing like it was after he got ahold of it..lol..he would stand on it, roll it around on the floor..and once he threw it and bounced it off a wall..he said he regreted that b/c/ it damaged the headstock pretty bad.

If youve seen that video of him playin in 80 at the tornado jam hes got those two vibroverbs and you can see a little green box behind the amps. He may have not used a tube screamer on lenny though.His brother jimmy vaughan owns all of stevie’s fender srv stratocaster overall guitars now. He auctioned lenny for $623,500 in 2004. It’s been said that number one has never been played after stevie died. It’s been locked up in a special vault.The Guitar World, August 1998 issue, interview with Jimmie Vaughan has laid this issue to rest.Stevie upgraded as new versions came out – TS-808, TS-9, TS-10 Classic. It’s been said that the chip in Stevie’s pedals was probably the RC4558 chip for clean boost.

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