Fender SRV Thomann Guitar

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Stephen Ray Vaughan was born October 3, 1954 in Dallas, Texas. Stephen – or Stevie Conna t was better as a guitarist, singer-songwriter and a member of Double Trouble, which he made with drummer Chris Layton and bassist Tommy founder Shanno. They released four albums: Texas Flood (1983), could not stand the Weather (1984), of soul to soul (1985) and step (1989) .Albums “Family Style” and “The Sky Is Crying” were released after a Fender SRV Thomann Guitar¬†with artist signature model before his untimely death in 1990. His former favorite battered Strat death.Stevie 1963 was the basis for the Stevie Ray Vaughan Signature Stratocaster model, first introduced in 1992.

The Fender Custom Shop produces a faithful representation of a number as part of the Tribute series in 2004. The limited edition Tribute Stratocaster was made in a global race to only 100 instruments. Although Stevie had many musical influences, he admitted that his main inspiration was Jimi Hendrix “I love Hendrix for many reasons. It was so much more than just a blues guitarist he played damn well any type of guitar that wanted. In fact, I do not know if he even played the guitar he played the music. “He re u wide critical recognition for his guitar playing, ranking at No. 6 on the list Rolling Stone 100 greatest guitarists “in 2011.

Stevie was killed in a helicopter crash on 27 Ao T 1990 in East Troy, Wisconsin, just after the execution of his band.This was the main guitar of Stevie. He got the owner of Heart of Texas Ray Henning music store in 1973, and it quickly became his main companion. Number One originally had a white pickguard was replaced by a black who now adds the “SRV” logo, and a whammy bar handed – now left handed.The gold plated guitar was built with a body and a Stratocaster 1963 1962 neck, even if Stevie thought he was a 1959 Stratocaster. ¬†

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