Fender SRV Tuners Guitar

Named for his first wife, SRV’s “Number 1” guitar is the epitome of the … to find unless you contacted a guitar dealer who could find one for you.

Take a trip through Texas and a century of music with Texas Music Roadtrip. This special exhibition explores the people and places that put Texas music on the map. “Famous” number one “by Stevie Ray Vaughan Stratocaster will be on display until Oct. 14 at the Museum of History State Bob Bullock Texas at Austin within the stratum of Texas Roadtrip Exhibit’.Fender SRV Tuners Guitar is one of the most instantly recognizable guitars in history and was stored at Jimmy Vaughan since the tragic death of his brother in 1990. Now, Jimmy lent the instrument to the Texas State History Museum to give fans a unique chance to get up close and in detail.

Number One ( Also known as the first woman Vaughan) was a Fender Stratocaster from 1962 to 1963 used by Vaughan for most of his career; it was “rebuilt many times that the custom Chevy.” Vaughan has always said it was a 1959 model, since that date was written on the back of pick-up; Rene Martinez, who kept the guitar since 1980, saw 1963 stamped in the body and 1962 on the neck. After purchasing the instrument in 1973 from Ray Henning Heart of Texas music store in Austin, Texas, it was his main companion and efficient instrument. It is incredibly worn by years of gaming and tourism, wrote on the SRV pickguard and an inverted bridge, putting the whammy bar on top.

Vaughan used the guitar on his five studio albums and Style.Also family on the screen will be white ’63 Stratocaster Jimmie Vaughan he used with a fabulous Thunderbirds.Number is currently in possession of Jimmie Vaughan, Stevie Ray’s brother (After the death of Stevie Rene Martinez put the original back neck on Number One and presented to the Vaughan family), but there were rumors that a number had been buried with Stevie in Dallas. There are also rumors of the guitar was sold to the owner of the SAE Institute, a world-wide company that educates people for jobs related to sound both live and recorded music and film.  

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