SRV Fender Strat Guitar Sale

Jump to Limited Edition “Number One” Tribute Guitar – [edit]. A team from Fender visited Jimmie Vaughan in Austin to examine the original.

I bought mine from Tim a few years ago for 4000.00. People keep in mind that this is not the version of the Fender Custom Shop. Its done by a separate luthier. Personally, I think Tims guitars are more accurate than the version Fender Custom Shop This SRV Fender Strat Guitar is priced at Price. $ 12,500.00 !! He is holy molly, the asking price really stiff. outrageous. If you ever come across Fender guitars by Lenny they are nearly 20 large. Absolutely ridiculous.cute away in the back is incorrect, El Hueco espalda of the medida incorrecta es, por q es mas deep Gastada there.

The other hardware is gold but silver is neckplate, and also has the serial number from the original fender srv stratocaster upgrades number Stevie One. there is! He will not let us post links in the comments, but you can see the description of the video and that should take you to the contact information for Tim Davis! Pride and joy of the live concert video Elmocabo, excellent performance …. large they were all the love stevie, it’s why I started playing.I’m so glad you said that because I’m sick of people pretending, I tried it and it did nothing, so I came back.

I’m actually lucky enough to own one myself. I got mine off eBay from a guy who was in a museum in Texas. My neck plate is the same as the v master, but I can not say in the video what color your own! Great fender srv stratocaster users guitar! I was there when Kouichi won this guitar. How Cool is that. Comes all the way from Japan and comes home with that.Yes sleeve of origin keys pearl / gold setting. This is the neck of it withdraw because the handle was too thin to do another job freight on it. The passes he replaced (one of them broke) had Klusons tuners.I remember seeing this replica a few years back … this thing is amazing. 

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