Fender Strat SRV Model Guitar

Stevie Ray Vaughan’s “Number One” Stratocaster is among the items on display through October 14th at the Bob Bullock Texas State History.

Hi everyone. I’ll post a vid soon t my current version – John Mayer “The Black”. Keep posted, or subscribe to my chain not to see it. Thank you, dhf97.even string height looks good, great job man I am impressed Is this pass off a wing SRV Betcha Stevie would even impressed thereon. I use several things to remove paint including scrapers, files, sandpaper, etc … Its not easy or quick, be patient and take your time. To stain the bare wood I use it mainly black Kiwi shoe polish & amp; brown and small amounts of MINWAX Stain wood cedar, maple and ebony.

mix to get the color you want. Hope this helps, take care.Very very good job !!! Detail (doll attached, Schaller tuner Die-Cast …) Is it possible to obtain images in private It has sold, but I’ll be building another soon be. Im in TN near Nashville. Check out my facebook page – RiverRock Custom Shop Guitars.in ur vids u will say ur download process and even black Mayer, but not HAEC 4 vids u, where are the others, u can show us how to make a relic What brand / model are the tuners They are perfect replicas.

I really appreciate it. The neck was bought as a white custom shop near Nashville. I shaped by hand and plucked me. I neck size of the original Stevie, and also faithfully reproduces that possible.Really good job, it can be even better. The lower part is destroyed! Check out this killer ZZ Top demo rare “Pearly Gates” Les Paul Gibson Guitar Custom Shop! I have a Fender Strat SRV Model Guitar¬†and it’s pretty beat up but thats not because I did not treat her well, it’s just that there’s a certain tone and a certain sensuality that comes with a guitar with scars.¬†

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