Fender Stratocaster SRV Brazilian Rosewood Guitar

The question arises: is this “SRV” model Strat early enough to still have a Brazilian rosewood fingerboard? The answer is that this is most likely a later guitar.

In the early eighties, he did not use anything but a TS808, Vox Wah, and selector.SRV loop MXR is a guitar god, with ratings vieuw do much moving noise, like BB King in a fa on, but I got a bad feeling in my stomach, hering playing.he bought him that fender srv stratocaster template guitar home in Austin, in a shop called Ray Hennings heart of Texas music. henings Ray is still alive. In fact, I went to Texas a few days ago and I vistied shop. hes a wonderful man. he is very proud of Stevie. very proud of him.I understand HRT guitar was destroyed (by the neck) in the helicopter crash. Everyone you about this

The thing is, SRV would not have a problem with a. He taught love and he was humble as they come.maybe your right, but I doubt that Jimmie sold 1 … hes latest Stevies guitars are all in a bank vault in Texas … I guess JV will keep them in the family and pass on to his son … your comment is interesting though.I think it could be a proto type they showed Jimmy. The bridge looks pretty new, there are a lot of gold on it and all the guitar players who come off really fast, and in another video in a real interview SRV shows Mickey Mantle’s signature on this fender stratocaster srv brazilian rosewood guitar and Lenny.

They should never have pulled it apart, Jimmy must put on display.The audio like a blanket well s r his style but seems to lack the intensity of SRV and something just seems aside. could be one of the first recordings of Lenny guess.Sometimes i would change it to a guitar called Lenny that he used primarily for the use they put in this vid it was given to him by his wife that he calls for Lenny short.I believe this version of the album Carnegie Hall. Lenny is one of the last pieces. It probably will not be here, so try iTunes. Cheers.his was a 59 with stock pickups and a neck 61 according to the book that I owe him.

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