Fender Stratocaster SRV Japan Guitar

It’s definitely true that Stevie Ray Vaughan is one of my all-time … 10 Vaughan albums and discusses Vaughan’s “Number One” Fender Strat.

If the date is right on the neck, you are rich or mental taking sandpaper pre-CBS fender.MAN always got assholes give someone what they do for CRAP ! Of course Stevie had years of use if the damage is natural, this guy just DUPLICATED that he could do better! What’s the point of that Would not you want your own initials on it Looks like you’re jacking style of SRV. Create your bad style.Not except initials TG would not be used. Tadeo left, around 1957.I do not see the point of wasting a perfectly good guitar, no matter who she looks like. I am s R that SRV would have liked her in better condition.

Demolition still really stupid 62 neck was in great shape before … problem with these idiots is that they can not play guitar so they just play. This way we all thought Moron is to destroy beautiful vintage guitar; NUTS AND disgusting! You guys who want to take a perfectly nice looking Fender Stratocaster SRV Japan Guitar¬†and ruin its appearance on like this must be crazy !!! You can take a new Rolls Royce, the drive through the narrow streets to make it lumpy, run the heck out of it in a demolition derby until he blows a piston or two and then drop -the into the sea for a couple of months. VoilO a piece of garbage!

I tried everything on the wood, including stains, polish and even potting soil earth! My advice, try brown + black polish first. The spots are ruthless and unpredictable.After all that hard work now, you can enjoy playing and watching a number of srv`s an almost exact replica! `T wait to see a black JM! Jm and SRV are my two favorite guitar players and I`m in love with these two guitars relic`ed! Great job man! how do you bare wood on the body aged appearance as a looks good, but you need to rub more cigarette ash on it. 

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