Fender Stratocaster SRV Montreal Guitar

Stevie Ray Vaughan Memorial Scholarship: Given to Texas students who are … concho strap made by Christian Brooks, just like the one Christian made for him.

I wanted to post you some pictures of the construction process. Hopefully I’ll get that done soon.i made a Fender Stratocaster SRV Montreal Guitar inspired me years ago. its not required in appearance, but the finish and tone are dead on. The Texas Specials are really set the tone. I am amazed at how the tone was dead when I played Little Wing on it. If you want your SRV, no matter what you get Strat Texas Specials! Here is a video of my second attempt to replicate SRV Number One. The video quality is not great but I tried to get some good close-ups. I could not resist Lenny background .

Check out my other vidoes to see my other guitars and a video of the construction process beginning to end. Thank you for watching and comments are welcome! He even got the lil ‘pieces of insulation son René Martinez used to put on the ropes Stevie to help prevent chain does not break! I need your help if it is possible for a technique relicing .. Can I contact you on an e-mail address Thank you Switzerland! Probably the best reply i have seen. I am preparing to start my own srv # 1 project. I just bought the body and as someone who has never reliced a guitar, I was wondering if you could share some techniques.

how much time and money went to these … and how did you let it go for I am s R it takes a little time to make, but the results seem satisfactory. I tinker a bit with my setup of guitars and all that but do not worry about jobs and jobs body looks a bit intimidating for me.Its cheap to build one from scratch if you use quality stuff. I had a great in some areas only for this version much time on it really relic’ing.Someone homework on this one! Best replica number one, I’ve never seen, even in the wooden plug on the trem! 

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