Fender Stratocaster SRV Number One

players have done as much to establish the Fender Stratocaster as the Ameri- can … The most visible customizations included the reflective “Custom” and “SRV”.

Goodwilled some constructive suggestions for you. I love all your videos and you play great and have a very soft touch on the guitar .. But each demonstration yoy Strat style Fender Stratocaster SRV Number One guitar one time you really do not use positions 2 and 4 channel 5 .. oh and these are the sounds begin to define more .. I see your a guy Gibson, which has the treble pickup while most guys use Strat positions 2 and 4 in most cases .. Just a suggestion for you buddy Future demos … still great, but it would be even better. because Stevie loved as a, Hendrix did the same thing.

I agree with a low investment pick-up Texas Specials but do you think perhaps because they sound a little too light and fragile to begin with Analysis guitars SVR showed they are not additional wound pickup (despite promotional efforts to the contrary). I do not think thicker and strong technical right strings do much to reveal another type of tone. The thicker the better, depending on your game strength.I hand vibe soo much! you are amazing. Amazing, but not to love .. play one billion notes in 5 seconds to try and get a “point” across. so rare and mild. love it.

You completely missed the point of musicPMA. he says he is soo predictable for a player to play the fender srv stratocaster input strat so it would be surprising if someone with a strat Do not play blues.Nice..to see and hear the sound … .. . The different betwen the best giutars .. ..The own paul and other Les Paul … Even Stratocasters.no thats part of the son of charicter !!! you want a wing thats beat to hell and wear it on the arm as SRV wing. it was not great but damn its cooler fa on which it is now, then the fa he was wen he bought it.I want this guitar here by your blackface Vibrolux. 

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