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Stevie Fender Stratocaster SRV Price Guitar sounds like no matter what he plays through.The tone may be a little different if he used his guitar / platform, but you can say that he is. And as far as him taking on Voodoo. Yes, he did after his release from rehab and remained on most of his shows in 87 and 88. It pop up from time to time, but it was pretty rare. But when he recorded step and discovered some new toys like the down and Octavia pedals as they toured after the album was done, he was a pillar Voodoo would use to close his shows. It would continue to do this until we lost Stevie. No keyboards Voodoo is.

Just the classic Double Trouble. Stevie never.played better than him in the summer of 1990, the last year of his life. His game was the best it has ever been! When you get a chance to pick up his show at the Mann Music Center, 30/06/1990. My favorite show. It br Show.Playing that on the third and Voodoo stone back to back to close the show. My God what a loss it was !! I’m a guy who every day for I do not know how many years ,, I listen to Stevie Ray Vaughan !! And every song, I’m always amazed at what I hear ,, and when I watch a video ,, words can not describe what I see, power, feeling, his ma’s Degree of guitar ,, its something to do !!! 

I am struggling to play the guitar now when I was younger, I commen Ais to learn ,, maybe if I continued to play, I would be considered a guitarist now.  The only thing I want to do more than anything is to play Stevie Ray Vaughan songs ,,, not be like him, because it is impossible ,, but a way to honor his memory! It is still hard for me to believe that he died in the helicopter crash STUPID ,, how I wonder what he would give us all these years ,, his words, his songs, this srv guitar world guitar solo He surprised us with. I had the guitar hero when I was growing ,,, but once I heard Texas Flood ,,,, I only had one that day !! Stevie Ray Vaughan thank you for sharing your passion, your songs, your guitar playing with the world !!! You are greatly missed !!! God bless you !!

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