Fender Stratocaster SRV Signature Guitar

Late in 1969, the transition to Fender Stratocasters began and it was …. But all of my heroes play strats (buddy guy, clapton, srv, hendrix.

Case 2 versions of the original SRV. One was the Hat metal Stevie wore t t and most of his career. The other was white you see in this video .It did those while appearing on the show tonight because he could not find another genre and could not go on stage without them.When Stevie past Rene Martinez put the original neck back on and gave # 1 Jimmy .Now that this clip could be one of these replica Fender, but could also be the real thing. Who knows I’d love to see a closer look at myself.

I knew the fender stratocaster srv signature guitar was really beat up but it shows how it was like pieces missing on it.Thankyou! Lenny was played on Lenny. His wife (Lenny) gave him a guitar for his B-day and he wrote this song with her. This has also been replicated. It is a Vidio Lenny and talk and Whipper SRV.I remember reading this article about a year ago. They were lookin for something like 100 exact replicas. At least, I think law. Thank you for the awesome post.there was a replica of the window of my local guitar shop, whenever I passed i stood there and watched for centuries, the friend I’m bored with waiting and left!

Jimmie was there! How awesome! Thank you for posting..really impressive to see! I thought the same thing! look at what was really strange for me, I liked it, so emotional watching that.if is indeed stevie number 1 … I thought he was buried with a number …. but it seems very close to his guitar. the low E string is not even on the frets, it is hung on the side of the neck.it would have been great if this was the real number 1 but just a replica of the catch Jimmie were published in.If this was the real thing … they would have shown the signature of mickey mantle on the back … if it has not been allayed.

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