Fender Twin SRV Tone Guitar

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This Fender Twin SRV Tone Guitar cough first Stevie attention around 1979 when he went with some friends to a pawnshop in Austin, Texas. Unfortunately, he co Te $ 350 and he could not afford it at this time. That did not stop his wife, Lenora, who spoke to a couple of friends of Stevie cashing $ 50 each, so they can give it as a birthday gift. The plan developed and presented the guitar to Stevie October 3, 1980, in Steamboat Springs – bo te night, he often played at.The guitar was originally a sunburst maple neck model with 3 colors rosewood fingerboard.

It has been restored by the previous owner with a dark natural color, and it had arty inlay behind the bridge. Stevie decided to replace the neck with maple neck mid 50s style given to him by Billy Gibbons. He kept the tremolo arm, pickups and frets in their original condition, but added his signature and initials on the neck plate and pickguard. This srv life without you guitar pro guitar also Mickey Mantle’s autograph on the back of the body, which was signed April 10, 1985 when Vaughan was invited to perform the national anthem at the season opener at Houston Astros the Houston Astrodome.

Stevie recorded with this guitar on several of his sincere love songs, including “Riviera Paradise” and of course r – “Lenny” .The guitar was auctioned at the Festival Eric Clapton Crossroads Guitar the June 24, 2004 and it was sold to Guitar Center for $ 623.500. The Fender Custom Shop has produced a limited edition replica of Lenny since December 12, 2007, and are sold by Guitar Center for $ 17,000.The reason is that once the microphones off and realized they were made in 1959, when he made a conclusion about it. It was not until 1980 that René Martinez took the srv guitar amps speakers guitar while out and saw 1963 stamped in the body and 1962 on the neck. 

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