Fender stratocaster srv


They have some jumbo replacement necks that are sprayed with a yellow tint to give them a vintage look. It has a slab rosewood fingerboard and the model number coincidentally is SRV Jumbo.


This is a licensed Fender replacement neck. It does not have a Fender logo. There is no nut so I’ll have to add that (a bone nut of course).

They did not pre drill the heel screw holes, but did predrill the headstock.

The jumbo frets are nicely dressed, however I don’t know for sure if these are the same size fretwire that SRV used. Overall a very nice neck for this project.

Tools you’ll need
This project can be very inexpensive if you own most of the tools mentioned at the right. However you don’t need brand new tools to get the job done. You can buy or borrow used tools as long as they are in good working order and sharp when needed.

• Philips and flat head screwdrivers
• Electric rotary cutting tool
(i.e. Dremel or Rotomatic)
• Protective Eye Glasses
• Cotton Mask
• Vacuum or Shop Vac
• Water and clean rags
• Sand Paper – various sheets of grit
• Sharp Chisel
• Heat Gun, torch, or BBQ Lighter
• Paint Scraper – sharp
• Work bench or Table
• Stain: Ebony & Mahogany colored stain–MINWAX brand works well• DIY template – available in the STORE
• Large image for reference- found on THE GUITAR page

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