SRV Guitar Gear

However, it was soon clear that interest in the SRV Strat’s pickups spread much wider than a lone British guitar critic.

You are simply amazing. One day I hope to be as good as you were 10 years ago.I just got a SRV Guitar Gear today, mine is also a 2k5. I think its crazy after all this time watching your videos, and we find ourselves at the same time buy roughly the same week.Why is the whammy bar at the top of the bridge It took me a moment to realize that.What strat model is that you in the back Hi friends, how are you I did a song with my SRV Fender and Ibanez Jem. My channel. The name “Fender Stratocaster SRV” .You want Watch, enjoy and comment if you wish. Thank you.

If the chain does thicker gauge, then the sound will be as game srv.Great, SRV Strat impressive style. Thank you for posting! Looks like you used to this system Tremelo fast enough left! haha It would take weeks to get use to a! your awesome, awesome game. ! Anthony thank you when you play as well as this guy and this style strats fender srv stratocaster copies that would sound good; man) But hey, you got killer chops.used 1300-1400 hundred.Impressive they go !! man you know all these songs immortal stevie .. I can not think of another word to describe it .. just AWESOME 🙂 keep up the good work and take care of your fingers, they should last a lifetime.

Because you are probably using heavy gauge strings that Stevie I used 0.11 to 52 years, but my hands so bad that I had to go all the way from 0.09 to 42 feels like elastic, and the tone is so thin, but thats all my hands can tolerate these days. but as long as I can play.Do using the Ibanez TS9 or TS808 to get that sound Dude, that is the closet I’ve ever heard someone make Stevie.pretty frikin much nailed duuude. wicked.What kind of amp do you use Your amazing. Do you think I could get close to that tone with a Egnater Jesus man coming. 1:47, 3:02, 3:13, 3:25 … remove the entire section. 

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