SRV Guitar Geek 2014

r143834428. 1 hora. FENDER STRATOCASTER USA 1990 IMPECABLE … Guitarra el├ęctrica fender artist series stratocaster – stevie ray vaughan 3-color … Rod Stratocaster 50s 2TSB USA , guitarra completamente nueva sin estrenar.

You name it, I learned and I learned to improvise because there were times when I did not have what I wanted and I had to make do. And it was in the first year of working with SRV. Everything was literally thrown at me, they do not hire someone else, then they gave me extra money, not only to do what I did, but to put everything in place well. And I stayed with it and I thought I’ll leave, but I ended up staying with of the first things I consider that really stands out is the tremolo on srv guitar geek Stratocaster.But I’m lucky because this arm tremolo was made of stainless steel which allowed me to bend without breaking and then all I did was stick the button on the broken end of the tremolo arm and I had a shorter vibrato .

I do not know if you’re familiar with Stevie watch the game, or videos. He will take his guitar and throw it on the ground and walk the dog so to speak, take the whammy bar and walks guitar. But it would break a lot of tremolo arm. What I would do is take the guitar and give him another and recover the ball, the terminal portion of the tremolo arm, and put another in.Well I was in Italy and it was a Saturday night and it broke the right thing at the end of the show and I had no tremolo arm. So here’s me in 1985 in Italy, where there is nothing available.

Everything is closed on weekends and I’m trying to get your hands on another tremolo and all that I had just enough tremolo arm for guitars we used. And he was all used, so I could not exchange tremolo arm. Well, I decided that I’m going to do it and I told him about it and then I start thinking and I was broken arm tremor in my hand and played with it. I unscrewed the long end of the handle arm vibrato and when I did, I watched the son of inertia in the block and they were the same thing and I thought well I’ll be damned!

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