Get SRV Guitar Tone Sale

The Stratocaster is without question one of the most versatile electric … was the sunburst ‘number one’ which featured the iconic SRV initials.

Get SRV Guitar Tone¬†Number one famous Stratocaster Stevie Ray Vaughan will be on display until Oct. 14 at the Museum of History of the Bob Bullock Texas State in Austin, TX as part of the exhibition Texas Music Roadtrip. This guitar is one of the most famous in the history of the Stratocaster and was kept in by Jimmie Vaughan since the death of his brother, if this is a unique opportunity to see the guitar up close. Also on display will be white ’63 Stratocaster Jimmie Vaughan that is used with the Fabulous Thunderbirds.I had this dream or encourage them to take my .. Ed Matthews on a SRV # 1. A story that took it Which means, my hunch is that ..

It is most like SRV Real Deal # 1 was, you never get and where is srv guitar now? Go show me another even close to that SRV Strat neck was 12-62 .. Not Slab. 3-63 3 Tone SB body 1959 trucks. Big frets, flatten radius neck. Re decaled. Restart plain stool. Some gold screws, others not. Or lower strap button, horn strap button like the one I got off my Custom Shop Lenny … I did not put SRV as tuners on, nor do I want .. This is a Vegas Ray Vaughan My view . I did not put the road and left a tremolo. Do not have a copy completely, and hey I’m using thousands of dollar coins here.

It started with a couple of pedals and then progressed to three and then four pedals ultimatum was all together.I looked SRV play the hell out of this thing for the first time on a PBS special or something thing when I was a young child. From the second I was hooked and I knew I had to go buy a Strat so I could be like Stevie! Thank you to forward this great bit of information! Austin Texas and Stevie Ray Vaughn. A large piece of Texas History! Jimmie Vaughn should be thanked a million times more for sharing his time and wonderful memories of this guitar and what it represents to the world of music! 

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