Guitar Fender SRV Amp

Stevie Ray Vaughan’s “Number One” Stratocaster is among the items on display through October 14th at the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum in Austin.

I can not believe that is a replica … They did a helluva job on that … Absolutely amazing! Superb video and post! Thank you, man! I was not gona say the actual real thing is lost, but we do not know some people think Stevies brother or someone like Aa it.people here a little trouble …. Fender did that make 100 replica number 1, but there is another Companys wich makes replicas of this guitar too, but the wing custom shop is the best and most beautiful replica! .i had a dream that I was talking to Stevie and he told me all about his guitars and play Guitar Fender SRV Amp .

Then, when I woke up, I remembered what happened to him, and I disappointed u all on day.not many people know much about guitars other than the First wife I need regular. how popular or “Number One”. So I made a movie of all seven of his guitars throughout his career with Double Trouble. Voodoo Chile is the track played during this film.Just a “heads up” …. the track being played is actually Voodoo Child (Slight Return). Voodoo Chile Blues is Monster Jam on the same album (Electric Ladyland), which has Steve Winwood at the Hammond B3 organ.

Then later recovered in the 90s I want to read the story about recovery is a shame too cause it worked great on Honey Bee.Thought I said 3 ton haha! I’m tired and probably still end up … Thank you for comment, rate, favorite everything, even the support! I am impressed with your job search. What a talent! Even very good. All these “girls”, Lenny is very special to you should look me.Now acoustic guitar like Stevie national stell 1928 Guibson 12 strings and other ELETRIC as Flying V, Telecaster, Fender bass, Les Paul, Rickenbaker .. . Be waiting for this new job. 

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