Guitar Fender SRV Strat For Sale

Check out what my friend did to his Squier Classic Vibe 60s Strat. Looking at the photos, it looks a little hideous, but looks better in person.SRV Number One Fender Custom Shop Strat by John Cruz.

Is anyone really pay attention to here Stevie No. 1 came from a pawnshop in Austin where his then wife Lenny bought for him. The Guitar Fender SRV Strat For Sale neck and body were four years apart. Stevie was on Ray frets so fast in the heart of Texas told him he could not be refretted again if Stevie placed another neck of the guitar. A few weeks before his death, a lighting fixture fell on the broken and 3 neck guitar. Ray had kept unfrettable neck # 2 and was able to return to return to mom.No Stevie you do not, if the video shows capital letters reflecting its not the end of the show Alpine Valley.

The stickers were worn and were replaced in June 1990. They no longer exist. Chicago was his last show October 89, before the change of logo. And yes, I played it, repaired and built guitars for 20 years. I did EVH replica Gilmour strats and I have not yet tried a SRV. I sleep well at night, maybe because I do not make silly statements and deny the facts known to avoid admitting that I’m wrong I am s R that is not the real # 1 Start “to Stevie Ray Vaughan On guitar” (on YouTube) and you’ll see what I mean. I saw them both when Guitar World cover this, and one of the biggest differences between the real and the replica they (the custom shop) produced, was on the pick guard.

On the real No. 1, were the initials SRV stickers. The initial reproduction are monogrammed, like that of this vid.OMG if Fender Stratocaster Stevie is one seeing this now since 1990 & amp; audition game Stevie brings tears to my eyes, very very emotional as I see & amp; hear it! they have one of his guitars in a museum in Austin, Texas. Have you not read my last post I have video of the performance of the Alpine valley. do you even play guitar I’m not saying that I know all of SRV, but I know that obviously a lot more than you, then I feel that you need to keep rambling on to hide your ignorance with the text ….. well, it ever helps you sleep man.¬†

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