SRV Guitar Setup

The House Will Be Rockin’ with This SRV-Approved Fender Strat! With elegant and accurate design, pickups that can sound anywhere from buttery to raunchy.

Here! This is a special ordered Alan Hamel Masterbuilt SRV Signature Stratocaster 1993. This left SRV Guitar Setup model was the first model built Masterbuilt SRV (outside the original prototypes) and is an example of this super t T Masterbuilders were able to Fender. The most coveted for the Fender Custom Shop in my opinion came from years 1987-1994 where each piece was built without a calendar, one at a time, just like the original period. Alan Hamel, John English, John Page, Michael Stevens are some of the most respected and sought after Fender builders of our generation.

This fender stratocaster srv signature prezzo¬†guitar is exceptional – COA says Custom Stratocaster SRV “which means it was a special order, and we bought the guitar from the original owner and have been able to corroborate his story This owner. jewelry is very clean and would be considered in excellent condition +. It is very light wear on the guitar and equipment, but all shines bright and is perfect for almost 21 years old.Don’t be wasting your money on a guitar NEW Masterbuilt for $ 7740 + when its worth half that when you get home. Take a custom EARLY proven model that has enjoyed a year and will continue to do so until these famous Masterbuilders are no longer building Fender .

This fender stratocaster srv prezzo guitar sounds every bit as SRV. The pickups are wonderfully calibrated and give you a creamy bluesy neck pickup, middle pickup perfectly usable and pickup retains all mediums needed to balance the spectrum. Fender pickups today is not the signature sparkle as they did, this guitar has all the chime, clarity and bite you expect from the talented hands of Alan Hamel. Do not miss this rare opportunity for a highly collectible piece of the long history of Fender.

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