SRV Guitar Hero New

They have a Bacchus SRV “Relic-ed” Strat on consignment there and … it does bear a striking resemblance to Stevies old “Number One” Strat.

The arrival of SRV Guitar Hero New Number One became increasingly battered as the years passed. Stevie would Pound, scratch, kick, stand on, and otherwise torturing the guitar during his performances. Finally, he developed a quarter inch gouge above the pickguard where manic strumming Stevie continually smashed it. There was probably not a square inch of lacquer remaining in 1990. It certainly has not tempered the wonderful sounds made.It he does not know when the original handle was replaced. Number One had many repairs all throughout Stevie’s career. Early accident can be seen on the cover photos for the album in the beginning.

Stevie had seen how his brother Jimmie would bounce his guitar on the wall, and he thought it was a cool thing. During an early performance of “Third Stone from the Sun”, he recalls, he threw a number a little too hard. He hit the wall at the wrong angle, and severely divided the doll. The photos in the album show the saved-up doll. Let Rene Martinez or Charley Wirz finally repaired the damage, Rene said that Stevie used the handle of origin until 1989.Stevie briefly considered retirement Number One by the end of 1989, when the neck became unusable. He had crossed so many re-frets and repairs he could not take another re-check, and gameplay was almost impossible.

Rene exchanged neck “Scotch”, a Strat 1963 Number One. It was the neck was broken, July 9, 1990, at the Garden State Arts Center in New Jersey, when a heavy piece of stage scenery fell on several guitars. This prompted him to beg for Stevie Rene try to get more life out of the old neck. Rene ended up ordering a replacement neck vintage directly from Fender, and re U copy according to René in 1963, similar to what has been destroyed in the accident. Stevie was not Number One for one show.Number was originally rumored to be buried in the cemetery with Stevie Earth Laurel, near Dallas. Another rumor is that the number one in fact “lies” with a member of the Vaughan family, or Jimmie or his mother.  

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