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Find the SRV neck used on his “number 1” guitar, which is the rarest piece of this instrument. The neck itself was maple, which is fairly common, but the neck has a thicker D-shaped opposed to the standard form C. In addition, the handle was made from Brazilian rosewood, but it would be almost impossible to find unless you have contacted a dealer who could find a guitar for you. The nearest pass, you can find would be a maple neck American-made D-shaped rosewood with standard microphones used fretboard.Vaughan Texas Special “,” which subsequently became very popular. The pick-guard he used was a custom black pick guard with solid inlay initials “SRV” of monogrammed silver.

For it is easier on yourself, you can regularly find these pre-wired microphones that come already attached to the SRV pick-guard eBay.Assemble spare guitar in the previous steps. First, screw the pick-guard monogram on the body using a small Phillips screwdriver. Then the rest of the base of the neck of the guitar in the U-shaped opening in the upper part of the body of the guitar. Attach the neck to the body by tightening the four large Phillips screws through the neck plate on the back of the guitar body.Set your guitar yourself or be placed in a local guitar shop for a small fee.

Setting up your guitar is to the perfectly straight neck, adding strings and adjusting them Action (String height of the handle), and also the height adjustment of microphones relative to the strings. If you want to configure your new SRV “Number 1” guitar yourself, follow the steps and Fender specifications on this website (see References) .You guys asking how to get the SRV tone Well, I have, easily, for any tube amp! With the right guitar, you can dial in SRV tone of the amp. I built this guitar a year (since I’m just a teenager with no money) and it is absolutely incredible in the department of tone. 

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