SRV Guitar History 2014

S.R.V (sliqht return \ w Fender Japan added a 70s Precision and a ’75 Jazz … on Vaughan’s well- used Stratocaster known as “Number One”.

Finally, the “SRV” rainbow was replaced by Letraset manuscript lettering style, first seen during his appearance on the “Tonight Show” in 1989. This show introduced the SRV Signature Strat prototype and SRV Guitar History. Stevie was playing this prototype, but it is not his original sports brand. The “Tonight Show” art department came up with this new style of lettering at the last minute. These letters are script which is written as a map on the SRV Sig Strat.The vibrato was replaced by a gold medal unit left around 1977. This was the beginning of Stevie Hendrix period. “

From Jimi Hendrix and Otis Rush played a right-handed guitar turned Upside down , putting the whammy bar on top, Stevie emulated by installing a tremolo unit left in srv guitar parts number one. He also felt it gave him better access to the bar, but noticed that many times, especially during manic performance, pretty much ripped half his sleeve when he was caught on it. Stevie normally used four or five sources in this unit, and had the pivot plate tight against the body. This meant that he could not push the bar, not shoot it.

Another important change was the installation of stock jumbo frets bass style. This added to the support, and added Stevie ability to bend the strings with huge strings he used. He went progressively chain nes smaller as he got older, but they were still heavy by modern standards. Dimensions of chain not in 1984 were generally .013, .015-.016, .019, .028, .038, and .056 to .060. In the 1970s, his high E string would sometimes go as high as 018! When 1989 rolled around, Rene convinced him to use a .011 or .012 to save his fingers. His fingers were torn so badly that he actually use super glue to reattach the torn calluses. 

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