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SRV’ish finish. … Some cheap strat copy that sounds great! … His use of the stickers make Number One one of the most recognizable guitars.

I think this will be my last SRV Guitar Images download. I find it a little guys sad.The Fender Custom Shop and involved the examination of favorite guitar of Stevie Ray Vaughan (he has his number one wife or first wife) after his death. They received the exact specifications to create a replica. Poured his soul by it and personally I think this guitar would hold the same as shaking hands with the man himself. Curiously playing a song is Lenny whom he played on a different guitar he called “Lenny” was given to him by his wife Lenora.Here specifications: body good Mexican market Sunburst poplar (the only piece origin on the guitar), Fender Strat neck with Rosewood license jumbo frets and nut set up to .13-.60 gauge strings, harness collection made by Griblin engineering.

With microphones Van Zandt Rock (the closest to what Stevie used model) and an impressive treble bleed circuit, all aged gold hardware except the bridge that Graphtech saddles to avoid cha does not break, Kluson tuner (years) .Supposedly, srv guitar project Strat # 1 had custom pickups. I say they were regular pickups 1962 emission, like a Tom Anderson pickup with just a piece of copper tape wrapped around the outside of the coil, and nothing on the top or bottom. Corquesniffer my friend says they were supposedly custom wound pickups hot with plastic wrap completely around them all c sides with only holes in the sheet magnets and son out.

A bottle of singlemalt is riding on this one … anyone have a good picture of
# 1 microphones discovered They were available from what I understand. I think I read that they would have distorted coils, but I would not say mod.I done as much research as possible on his Number One microphones. There are no photos that I ever found. Even the video of their leader in a room h Such examination, they do not seem interested in microphones all.The best description I found was in a British magazine guitar from Fender sources. Essentially, they were a stock set of 1959 pre-CBS pickups. The neck pickup is the hottest and the other two , Relatively low according to the article. 

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