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Rumored that Stevie Ray Vaughan rub truck stops on tour in search of the SRV letters that appear on the pick guard as he carried by them.Number was destroyed in the crash that killed Stevie. Its been said that the guitar is buried with him, but Jimmy Vaughan once said in an interview that he was locked in a vault.Number A Stevie helped her mold and is probably the most famous SRV Guitar Interview Stratocaster guitar was a huge ever.The D-shaped neck with jumbo frets and was rumored to have been built by Leo Fender himself using the neck and the body of a strat 62. It bears the stamp “LF-1959” on the neck. Its got a tremelo left (if Stevie could emulate his hero Jimi Hendrix) and the gold-plated hardware.

God knows how many times he had been refretted.Thanks for the comments! I looked at the pictures, believe it or not and came across this beauty srv guitar photos- I built! I work for a place in Ohio and made these guitars, now I do it myself. It was a pleasure, there is one! Thirty years, blues was in the doldrums. CD sales are down. Even established artists such as BB King, John Lee Hooker, Buddy Guy and saw drops of their audience. And with the release of Texas Flood, Stevie Ray Vaughan blues and blues-rock comeback to life. In the process, he helped revive the careers of many bluesmen.

As Buddy Guy has reported some years later, “I have the greatest in the world thanks to Stevie because he was sellin records and I not find it. He opened the door to many of us . “In honor of the 30th anniversary of the first album of Vaughan, Sony / Legacy issued an expanded two-disc edition of Texas Flood. A disc has all the original studio recordings, plus a bonus track recorded the same weekend, “Tin Pan Alley (Roughest Place in Town).” Disc two delivers nine unreleased live tracks from Ripley Music Hall in Philadelphia in October 1983. A testament to the musical genius of Vaughan, the music of the CD remains fresh and powerful. 

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