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a particular strat tone General Gear Discussion. … SRV’s number one had underwound pickups in it that were stock .

Stop trying to horn here, that alcohol is mine! I’m joking. There have been rumors for years that Van Zandt some hot wound pickups for him, maybe he did and maybe he discovered hot pickups suck. Texas Specials were designed us to be “the same as the hot pickups Stevie has his SRV Guitar Istanbul Sale¬†guitar.” Except 1959 pre-CBS era Strat pickups are wound with 43 gauge enamel clear that Fender used. I think Stevie was a sort of semi-approval agreement with them for signing the guitar and that’s what was used in it and he played one of these guitars on TV once I think, but I am pretty s r the guitar got stuffed in some closet some real fast part.

I also read again this rumor and has not been the official autopsy reported this guitar by Fender, there was also a switchable dummy coil in the guitar but was removed after death if nobody knows about it. Here is the guitar, notice how they ignore the shield pickups.Foil mentioned, but no details as to whether the inside covers were shield or coils were rolled sheet, no mention of whether the shield was made either land or not. Typical ’59 Sets usually have around 6K neck and the other two below. They were not custom coils, sorry. copper shield yes but you can not find all the details there. OK, can I send you my email address for beer

My buddy Wes made this guitar is an exact copy of the 59 number one SRV Strat in detail. Cool strat I’ve ever played. The neck is wide like a bad baseball and although the maker used some distressing techniques to the body, it plays like a new guitar.Stevie Ray Vaughan would refer to a number stratosphere as his first wife. It was the most played his guitar and can be heard on five studios albums.He found the guitar in 1973 at the heart of Ray Henning music guitar store in Austin, TX. He traded his 63 strat for it.¬†

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