Jual Fender SRV Guitar

MY SRV Tribute Strat – Number One Recreation Goto page 1, 2, … With the right guitar you can dial in SRV tones on any amp. I built this guitar.

My Dad & amp; I always thought it was buried with him until I bought an issue of Guitar Player Magazine or something that was spent as SRV around 2003 or 2004 & amp; it was as right then that Fender started making them relic Jual Fender SRV Guitar, now my father is one of the top 10 SRV Signature Series Stratocaster they were in the 1990s … He was on a first name basis with a guy who used to work at the wing cuz named Ken Young American Std Strat of my father in 1989. The first board of directors of the slab was defretted, refretted and sanded several times to the point where he needed to be replaced.

7.6.90 srv was on Carson. Before the show Stevie had the new pickguard sport a new logo lettering logo.Shaky the video locker strangers with their hands all over Number One in a shabby room in the h As Austin. Why do I feel violated I hope they gave him a roofie before they begin their heinous act! He holds a piece of history. I know the feeling. Back in the late 70s when I lived in Lubbock, TX, Larry Holley, the big brother of Buddy Holly, let me take the strat Buddy. An unforgettable experience. It is now in the Museum of Buddy in Lubbock. Not near as beat as one, I think he only played for a few years, unfortunately.

Was not number one broke just before his death at a show in New Jersey I guess they had to fix … I love that fender srv setup guitar..I saw stand on the damn thing when I saw him play for Third Stone from the Sun! Memory.I impressive heard that the action on the guitar was started strong way (in addition to cha Nes thickness gauge) because it would have taken so hard.i push the neck of the guitar of & amp; replaced then later I would have replaced the body.I am out of me !!!! What you gonna do now dig him and examine his fingers !!! I doubt that this is the number 1 cos the Stevie arsholes In this video would never dream of SRV Strat tear to peices just to show they can … would they

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