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1992 Fender Stratocaster SRV Part1 (low gain) …. Ray Vaughan Signature Strat is a respectful replica of Stevie s number one trademark guitar.

The final coming all the comments is that neither one of us will ever be able to play or do exactly what Stevie has done with the instrument in its hands.You and I only wish we could do what he did! He was a Hendrix and Vaughan! Nobody wants another one.learn him learn from your influences.And play your instrument, understand that you never play as Stevie.We are all stars and we all have the chance to shine as bright as we can.I do every day every night when I’m on the stage play, and when I shine the most is when I leave the game me.i guitar long understood this. sound of the instrument I play.

I’m just a vessel for the music heard again again.thanks so, and I hope you can hear what I’m saying.there is a difference between hearing and listening! Fun is important, of luck.Stevie Ray was good, but it was not Jimi Hendrix. Stevie did get a good tone. I really respected him for the fact he helped musicians like Albert King, Albert Collins, etc get the noteriety they deserved before their death. Thank you to Stevie, we have all this great music from blues pioneers for the future generations.Stevie could take a Squier Strat, Fender HotRod a plug and always seek and destroy. He is the player who is important, not speed.

Stevie had the soul and is the Factor there. That being said, he pretty cool guitars there.Stevie was a master alchemist of his influences, Hendrix and Albert King is facing but to my ears, it also channeled Roy Buchannon, Peter Green and his fellow Texan Johnny Winter . Ultimately there was his Stevies and it was only his.he was the culmination of his influences, like everyone else. He took it to another level. Jimi, Clapton and SRV Albert King played shots. If you can not hear and know that Stevie is Stevie, so you can not hear.Sorry have to rain on the parade here, but I’m old enough to have cut my musical teeth on Jimi Hendrix. 

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