SRV Guitar Lessons

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Big Man demo! The SRV Guitar Lessons are definitely my favorite … It’s much cleaner and defined as you had mentioned. Texas specials in my strat std do not sound that good.I saw Kenny last night in Foxboro, Massachusetts. He signed my strat and after the meeting and large, he released this strat and Has sounded great. What mics did you use in your KWS strat Theres a lot of difference for the srv! Asymmetrical neck, really I have a SRV and it seems to be oval in shape a neck mid 60s I could be wrong, but I think mid 60’s neck is the most beautiful of all Fender necks. Keep up the good work.

Part of what made her the great fender srv stratocaster dimensions is characteristic of Bell Sound. KWS, Chris Duarte etc do not seem to be able to play in this setting, even the demo seems to show that the KWS guitar pickups dirtier.can be changed from one guitar to another. person What is the big deal with saddles graphic art Do not try to be a dick I do not know.If you do not have stool Stevies guitar technology used straws Graphtech. theres an interview on youtube and its pretty interesting microphones watch.Those the KWS are impressive. Where are you

Strat pickups on KWS are too much! I prefer SRV Strat! I noticed my first concert how noisy the buzz is about the single coils. Do you just live with it or do you use some sort of noise suppressor Would you consider Fender pickups or another brand or silent mini humbuckers I’m surprised to find I think the KWS sounds better. but as u said its probably the pickups.What updated replacement pickups are you installed in the KWS for this demo KWS seems too hard too my ears, I prefer srv stratocaster, great show. One of you fans of this genre of music could also consider the Hot Rod ’62 Strat. 

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