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“Srv Stevie Ray Vaughan No 1 Fender Stratocaster” – play, listen and download free at Youtube Mp3. Download Srv Stevie Ray Vaughan No 1 Fender.

Stevie Ray Vaughan Fender Stratocaster Electric Guitar is made for Texas Blues – Stevie style – with the same characteristics as the number of Stevie Strat. Unique features include a special oval neck, pao ferro key with 21 jumbo frets, three Texas Special single-coil pickups, gold plated hardware vintage synchronized tremolo with single left Stevie, and special engraved pickguard. Pay tribute to a master of every note you play. Includes case.When SRV came, he just seemed another boy licks white fly the master, and I never really taken seriously. There was no magic In his hands . The magic was in the hands of his master.

I have this guitar for 3 or 4 years now.everything it`s great sound, good wood body (i scratched a form of relic), aged pickguard and only real problem was with the configuration and especially with the neck.the frets should be polished and level, it does not allow you to do heavy bends without fret leveling and cha nes high action.light sound too bright, I am fitted with my guitars have 012.all 010. My personal opinion is that the guitar is really close to the shop custom ones and if you have the time or money relic will really improve the sound because you lose the thick polyurethane paint.

You can leave the inner lair, so keep it wet away.Look if you play country or blues this guitar will give you the correct sound. Then the SRV Guitar List neck is very comfortable. If you have researched the neck is described as a thick oval and is a little thicker but I play with my thumb and no problem (I M 6 feet tall). Also the trem takes some getting used to, but no big deal.I just got my SRV strat for Xmas about a week ago, and I love it. I also like the fact that its 1989 model, it has already replaced my American Series HSS Strat as my main neck feels so much better and I like the vintage tuners take about 2 minutes for me and give torestring. 

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