SRV Mini Guitar Sale

srv mini guitar

The item you are looking at is an unplayed Fender American Artist Stevie Ray Vaughan SRV Stratocaster with a Tweed Hardshell Case and all the case candy!

I was also a bit of personal customization is very minor, but I changed my white tip of pickup selector with a touch of style “top hat” Black TV . Personally, I prefer this minor change. Anyway, overall, I love this SRV Mini Guitar¬†and I will never sell mine. I will have until I die.The SRV is a great ax for his tone and looks good even. Sleek and comfortable neck feels incredible. If I had a negative comment a little on the side heaviest so get a good wide strap for her support, but also brings your weight if not bad.I feel lucky I bought mine a few months ago, the price just went up a little a worth but wow great tag for a non custom shop, high profile guitar.

Thanks to SRV and the team that went into the construction of this # 1.2004 American Strat, a “60” oval “of the small neck shape, pao ferro touch with jumbo frets, three Fender Texas Special pickups single coil and 5-way switch, gold-plated hardware and vintage tremolo unit reversed left. Also came with a nice tweed case. Fender really put up a Strat Stevie is as close as we could find. Many People think that’s weird tremolo left but I think it is much easier to access and use when playing against a right-handed tremolo.

I traditionally plays the blues / rock, blues, rock or just in general, and this guitar can do anything. I play through a Marshall head 100HDFX and 412 half cab. The 5-way switch allows you to hit a lot of colors and styles with the flick of a switch. I really like the single coil pickups, because I do not have to deal with a crapload of distortion. Texas Special pickups are great and produce a great tone. This guitar screams absolutely brilliant and so clear. If you want a good blues sound or sound much like SRV guitar up.The take this action may seem a bit high for some, but when I took this guitar, it felt like it was made for me . 

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