SRV Miniature Guitar Sale

SRV Miniature Guitar

I love my SRV, and it fits good in my closet, were it remains as a collector’s piece. I own 7 Strats, and love them all! I build custom Guitars, mainly Fender.

I bought my Fender SRV Miniature Guitar about a year and a half ago. It was the best money I ever spent on a guitar, period. SRV guitar dominated all other high-end Strat in the store (some much more) in terms of bluesy tone pure, deep. I have small hands and found the neck to require a little getting used to, but the edges are smooth and the finish is like silk. I took it home, spent elevens, tuned down a half step, and wow. The sound was good claim; it was as if I had given SRV guitar and made me sound stupid c side of the master for a while.

I love that the deck floats slightly; it is great for that extra finish on an elbow or a little crazy palm ping. The only hotspot is the frets; mine was a little buzzing on the low E and leveling necessary, but it was not difficult or expensive, and now the srv guitar stevie ray vaughan guitar plays perfectly. I heard of luthiers that neck problems are common with the wings in general, so I was playing before I bought, or I would s R there was a good return policy in case of order online. Other than the issue of neck (relatively small for the price), I’d say this is as good a guitar that you can buy at any price. Fender Bravo!

I have my SRV strat for about 4 years now, and I’m still in love with her the day I took her home. The quality of this guitar is just awesome, every part of the guitar is just perfect. I would particularly like the feel of the neck fat. The soft sound puppies and give great tone. I play mostly blues and classic rock, and this guitar works very well for this. The gold hardware really spices up the look. To make mine look a little like Stevie, I bought a sticker Tailor , as its No. 1 right under the bridge. I got it off eBay and that really adds to the look as well.¬†

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