SRV Guitar Museum 2014

a demo of a 2005 Stevie Ray Vaughan Signature Fender Strat that I recently bought at … Stevie Ray Vaughan’s Number One.

I love this SRV Guitar Museum¬†guitar. I love all things strat actually. They are the only guitars that just never felt right for me. The only negative I have about most strats are the narrow passes, it is more difficult to guys like me with large chunks hands. This pass does not have this problem, and puppies TS sounds just great. I do not run a cargo of effects. I just use a good amp and plug. You can get a variety of tones out of it. It is a little heavier than most strats, but I’m a little over 200 pounds, so it’s not a problem for me. He has more superior than any other strat you can find, so be aware action. Overall, you can not go wrong just get a pair.

11 or more and let this song. You will not find any non-personalized as this period strat. Just keep in mind that you will need the strength of his fingers to get a Stevie, with the largest chain ties. If you like chain Spaghetti ties, you’ll want to test it before buying.The pick ups sound exceptional, anyway I think it stevie would be proud that his name appears on these guitars playability and it does him justice .I tried out of curiosity to see if it had the mojo SRV. It does not really impress me at all. The pickups sounded weak and had no punch to them. Maybe I’m too accustomed to active pickups like the Clapton strat, but the SRV just do not do it for me.

I think to get a real good sound of it, you must chain fatty nes like SRV had his guitar strats.This is by far my favorite of all my guitars. I am able to get so many different sounds on this – Blues, surf, rock, jazz. I bought in a local store that has a free configuration to me at the time of purchase. It has become the guitar I compare all others ane how to get srv guitar sound. Sustain that lasts all day. Beautiful sound and beautiful to watch. Of course, I’m not crazy about the pickguard “cheesy” but I do not want to risk spoiling the tone by changing something on it. If you want a great strat do yourself a favor and play one of them.¬†

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