SRV Guitar Neck Radius New

srv guitar neck radius

Stevie Ray Vaughan collaborated with Fender to produce a signature Stratocaster guitar shortly before his untimely death in 1990.

This is where I had to give the guitar a lower rating. The finish has proven in my experience to be very sensitive to scratches. I’m sick the first time I scratched the beautiful tobacco sunburst finish, and I learned to be very careful in the pla Ant in the case. The bridge and tuners are Fender Vintage proven, in other words, this ax is made to play, not just for display. I would not be too wild and crazy on stage with her, but as far as hardware is concerned, the SRV is on loan from the scene box.This guitar really excels in everything from speed riffs to slow blues, and I served in the church above it.

I mostly play an r Blues style, and this SRV Guitar Neck Radius guitar served me well for going on 3 years now. As I said above, apart from finishing a sensitive microphone and a little weak, this is my pride and joy (some taking SRV there). I play through a Marshall Valvestate 100w and 150w Fender step DSP, and SRV makes a wide variety of tones. Add to that a Tube Screamer, super balls (mine came with 150), and whiny, you have a machine Blues top-notch. I hope to have at least one SRV in my collection from now. If you are often on stage, however, I highly recommend going to the Jimmy Vaughan Tex-Mex Strat or maybe Clapton for the hardcore blues tone.

The bridge saddles are vintage with a beautiful vintage vibrato left and I have to say having this way it is much easier, everything feels like your hand naturally accessed. Puppies of this srv guitar solo guitar is absolutely awesome sounding HOT Texas Special pickups of custom shop that scorch.You absolutely have a two volume control The tone with a pickup selector 5 positions. The case is a huge bonus if a made in USA Fender original PS The neck is a radius of 12 degrees, which is flatter than that Vintage is 7.25 and American Standard 9.5. 

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