SRV Guitar Neck Size New

srv guitar neck size

The Fender Stevie Ray Vaughan Stratocaster Electric Guitar is made for Texas Blues – Stevie style – with the same features as Stevie’s number one Strat.

Just like fellow rebellious Strat, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray literally burst onto the music scene and blew everyone away with his style of fierce, passionate game, but it actually paid its dues for years in hundreds of concerts in the dark, smoky in and around Austin, Texas clubs. Like Hendrix, his career was tragically cut short. Unfortunately, he could not see the Artist Series Strat he helped Fender design, which was officially introduced in 1992. The SRV special features are instantly recognizable by any fan of the music of Stevie and include a body alder with a rich three-color sunburst polyurethane finish with this distinctive black pickguard (with SRV etched boldly for everyone to see). Own a SRV Guitar Neck Size guitar as Stevie.

This Artist Series Strat has a (left) and reverse tremolo comes with three blistering Texas Special single-coil pickups that offer all the raw tone and power you expect! The original Strat had three single coil pickups, he was able to produce sounds that no other guitar could deliver, particularly once players discovered they could lodge the three-position blade switch in the Company two positions to access neck / middle and bridge / middle pickup combinations. These were often erroneously referred to the parameters “out of phase”. The Stevie Ray Vaughan Strat comes standard with a modern switch blade to five lanes, making it easy to access all the pickup combinations.

To deliver this signature SRV tone, this guitar comes with a matching Texas Special single-coil pickups together, so you can switch between “spanking” classic Strat to a screaming, red hot lead with his ease.Leo Fender n ‘t afraid to think outside the box you “when it came to guitar designs -. after all, he was an engineer, not a guitar player in the 1950s and into the 1970s the blond natural maple neck became almost synonymous with Fender guitars. The Stevie Ray Vaughan Stratocaster comes with a maple neck one piece that features a deep, thick oval 60s early individual and is the only Fender Strat in the line come standard with a touch pao ferro. 

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