SRV Guitar Number 1 Sale

srv guitar number 1

The House Will Be Rockin’ with This SRV-Approved Fender Strat! With elegant and accurate design, pickups that can sound anywhere from buttery to raunchy.

This SRV Guitar Number 1 guitar suits my style perfectly which is the Texas blues, blues-rock and a little rock, microphones perfectly give you hard hitting percussive twang to your VRS. I think where this guitar really shines is on the Fender style overdrive settings mean not so much any distortion even if I hit a good low tone with this guitar pick on the position 4 (neck and middle). The neck is thick and deep that is for me the perfect feel for the big curves! This guitar scorches the pickups have a tight bass, great midrange and high frequencies. Gives you the sound of SRV, hit hard!

The factory set-up was amazing. The action was at the upper end of the normal low / high range. Microphones perfectly adjusted and set. Absolutely no defects. How ever for me this scene was not for me because I want strong action and cha Nes heavy so I had the guitar set up with a share of 7 / 64ths throughout the guitar hand 11-50 pure nickel is extremely robust and I think she could sense effect withstand gigging. The material is very well built and could probably withstand a nuclear explosion. Strap remains on no matter what I’d really like gig this without a backup, it feels extremely well made and sounds too. The finish is impeccable.

I bought it this year but still wanted guitar since the day I first Grabb in my hands, 7-8 years ago … This guitar is really a piece of history fender county d’oeuvres … Features: 10 Texas specials, 5 way switch, rosewood fingerboard and alder body … Great combination for superb performance, this guitar is well built and balanced. Sound: 9 I play everything, I mean everything! It is better for blues, jazz, classic rock, funk and pop, but also ideal for alternative music as grunge (STP, Pearl Jam and Soundgarden). The sound is impressive. This is the fa On which all strategy games should sound! Three Tex Promotions do the job very well, slighly shiny and bright, but warm and pure. 

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