SRV Number One

Number One, also called First Wife, was the nickname given by Stevie Ray Vaughan to his favorite Fender Stratocaster, built ca. 1963.

Hardware has a patina. Pickup has been upgraded to a Seymour Duncan humbucker style rail (see photos). If you pla t note markers in the photos (if applicable), and if you pla t study the pictures carefully before bidding. Fender Stevie Ray Vaughan collaborated with Fender to produce a signature guitar Stratocaster shortly before his untimely death in 1990. The SRV Number One features an alder body and an oval neck profile of the early 60s, Pau Ferro with key jumbo frets, gold-plated hardware and a reversed left vintage tremolo unit.This Stevie Ray Vaughan “Lenny” Stratocaster was produced in 2007 by Fender Custom Shop.

Only 185 guitars were made – the original co t was € 17,000 nbsp ;. Although the “condition” as above Used , is perfect original condition, never been played and all the extras are sealed in original packaging.Description Fender- In a historic collaboration between Fender, Guitar Center and Stevie Ray Vaughan estate, the famous fender stratocaster srv no 1 guitar was commissioned by Guitar Center to be reproduced in a limited way by the Fender Custom Shop edition. As part of the Tribute Series Fender guitars Lenny will be produced in limited quantity, with 185 guitars offered for sale in the United States, made available exclusively through Guitar Center.

Guitar Center stores across the United States will introduce the guitar December 12, 2007, and will provide customers of $ 17,000 (US). This prix neuf fender stratocaster srv guitar very special addition to the Custom Shop Tribute Series features a reproduction of complex “Lenny” down to the smallest detail, from the custom neck (the original was a gift from Billy F Gibbons of ZZ Top) stickers ” SRV “reflection on the body battered doll, the autograph that Stevie himself etched into the neck plate, and even an autographed baseball great Mickey Mantle. 

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