SRV Number One Album

Quote —Lenny was one of Vaughan’s several Fender Stratocasters, dating from 1965. This guitar was purchased by seven friends.

John Mayer played this song at a concert Thursday .. SRV Number One Album is one of his greatest right influences.he; which is the initial number One. Fender made 100 replica to its exact specifications in ’04. This is of the most recognizable and beaten guitars known to man kind. SRV + = Number One of the best music you’ve ever heard Look at each picture number one until his last days, they are the same style sticker not the style in the video I agree that stickers off but really every photo i have seen is not the style in this video .

Very cool. And yes, that is the true number one. Reading, Fender CS guys met Jimmie Vaughan one bedroom h Such, entered Born and perfected on guitar.Stevie Ray was a great guitar player shame he had to die in a helicopter crash.The choice song is ironic, considering that he used epynomous guitar (Lenny, red, remember), not a number to play it.I think this is BS too …. first Fender wanted in a laboratory or at least the custom shop somewhere, not in a hotel such crap in Austin. 2, if you watch this video at 1:57 in the top left of the photo to lock the guitar strap there is no white lettering.

And if you look at 1:33 of this video (and many other videos) you see white lettering (SRV im guessing) by locking the strap. So I ask BS.I think the point was to have a certain reading of SRV, saying Not necessarily, he played fender srv stratocaster necks guitar .actually support SRV went crazy with his Ibanez Tube Screamer, it does not need humbuckers, and I do not either, lol … RIP he beat the shit live this guitar. and made some damn good songs. and this guy fucking tuched it. he has no right in my mind. only srv and the family has the right to touch that one. 

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