SRV Number One Body Wood

What a killer piece of history from the Fender Custom Shop! The “Lenny” Strat was a particularly special instrument to Stevie Ray Vaughan as it is the ultimate.

The SRV Number One Body Wood guitar was spread by Fender technicians only “100” Brazilian Rosewood Fretboards were used on “SRV” Strat SE. Fender Custom Shop technicians only say “50.” These Brazilian rosewood fretboards came stock products for the store was “82-83” strats.I’ve research this stuff for years and come to the conclusion, as everyone has that Fender total fucking based documentation.Stevie Ray Vaughan Fender con colaboro data para una guitarra producir Stratocaster poco antes de morir signed in 1990. Esta cuenta con un cuerpo y Alder perfil an oval mástil of principio de los 60, pau ferro con tune with Trastes jumbo, simple Bobina de tres Fender Texas Special, bream Metales y vintage tremolo zurdo.

Check under my name and you will find some nice fender srv stratocaster designs, perfect for you guitar.nice guitar, beautiful TS808, but where is the Vibroverb to connect this special gear in. Beautiful guitar. great story behind it too. Your niiiice, very good sustain.what kind of model pickup if you pla t This is a 14,000 Stratocaster! I got in my hands.It sounds incredibly well and looks great too. I must have do you spend 17 Grand on a replica LENNY and not play the song You February 17 great guitars! My God, I could buy a decent car with that money. Just kidding, I would buy one if I had money. Its great man!

The fender srv stratocaster electric guitar necks on these guitars are sweet as pie, some are bigger than others, however, the 90 are larger than those later, I said, I am a a 2004 neck is perfect on it, the only thing I do not like the Fender logo is above the finish line rather t that in this as most strats usa, v is still intact be Beautiful guitar and amp sounds great! This is my Fender Stratocaster Squire ball played by a singer 15g amplifier. This is a great guitar if you want to get them back … very cheap for what you get. 

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