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I respectively disagree. Timing is what defines the SRV Number One Fender Custom Shop guitar, playing with and against him. Feel is also very important. Compare him to play the original, it is a lie I went not want to play Cant Stop play at night … you seemed to me that everything I know and I want to thank you. marty .. so thank you thank you! I’m sorry, but the agreement seems off. The first is 7×6899. Try it. That’s how patching is performed Stevie fourth video in a series of part 5. I’ll remove the neck plate stratocaster neck and chrome and install the neck plate and screws gold gold

In addition, I will change the plate from the input jack of the chrome version of gold. The black, gold hardware and sunburst Strat MIM combination give my fender srv stratocaster electric¬†Signature model look.I’vie have a question … my jack plate is loose, I mean just the plate is loose is it possible to seal I am not an expert by any means, but I definitely think it looks like the screw holes are removed. & Nbsp; On the video where he explains how to connect the screw holes for the pickguard I describe a process.It is to use toothpicks and wood glue to fill the over-sized & nbsp; hole.

You can carefully cut the excess toothpicks on the surface of the guitar (watch) with c Tee smooth cutter. Make sure it is flush with the surface and let dry over night.The next day, you can start a new hole for the screw by pressing a pin through the opening in the plate.Then made, you should be able to fully pressing the screwdriver to reinstall the screw so that it has a new surface firmly grasp. Again, what I would do.If you have a very expensive collection or co fender srv stratocaster guitar You might consider having an expert do it. & Nbsp; Another repair person asked me how to do it and it worked very well for the pickguard! 

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