SRV Number One Fender

This 25-year-old SRV (Stevie Ray Vaughn) Signature Stratocaster from the original batch of SRV models is in a glorious state of wear that is all genuine.

Do not need to change them, they are great pick-up! The American Special HSS comes stock with Texas Specials in the neck and middle pickup and a Fender Atomic humbucker in the bridge. The Texas Specials are great, I put a Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates like or what you want on the deck If you really want the Atomic Tho sounds good, but I would never change the Texas Specials stocks. love the sound, would it be good for / hard rock sound rock because I am a MIM strat that im playing on the upgrade to my SRV Number One Fender guitar, and i wana buy this to make it my rock ax.

Thanks for the reply … I ended up buying a Blacktop Telecaster HH yet. The fender srv stratocaster history is a beautiful guitar and was on sale. Can still get the special HSS in future.You have the best game face the world has ever widely advertise kind sir.I need this guitar I have a Les Paul, but I’m not a strat person. Awesome game sincere bro! I have a question about the guitar I’m looking at one of these. How is the configuration of the box you, all the problems I have a problem with my Stratocaster for some reason I lose a lot of volume when using in the bridge position, could you tell me if this is normal

Having this fender srv stratocaster images guitar for the money, it’s great. I picked it up used in the same condition as 670 dollars. Money well spent! Facials deserve a thumbs alone lol, fucking beautiful man.I also the game. I’m so glad I have. It is so rich, but I have to flat wound strings on thinking about gettin this guitar. Would you recommend the strat with 3 single coils or RSS Does the guitar is much better than a Mexican Strat Still on the fence on which to buy.Excellent! did you use a backing track can you pass me the link of it .

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