SRV Number One For Sale

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Nobody knows how to get his echoplex hendrix jim from a line 6 dl-4 as Philippe done I have one for less than 600 on ebay, it was re-frets. Hey I break the chain nes more on my strat may need them saddles you mentioned. I bought one SRV Number One For Sale the first year of its release, the date on the neck does not fit the model year. The old model had very good pots and son, he really good guitars, fat neck is cool, but it is the radius and frets that make it so raw great.Slider pickups are the best absolute. Check them out. You will be amazed away.what little pickups did you put in the KWS strat

Well, the SRV is very heavy mid-range, in part because Texas Special pickups. Mayer strat plays beautifully and has a great tone clear, very different from the SRV. I would say that if Mayer softer sounds Style.The KWS has you seem hard and even though I am s R the pickups sound better than the originals, they seem much more to the wound for this guitar. VRS on the other hand seems to be well balanced and smooth wine.I found it.You recently blocked comment links tubes. Search in this YouTube: “Tommy Katona Live at the Caddy I”. Awesome video and superb sound with shades of Bell!

Have you played the John Mayer Signature Stratocaster and if you did what you thought I have to say man, two guitars sound very good. However, I played the new SRV Strat and I was not impressed. In addition, I have a few microphones MCON-o-wah and they blow everything I’ve ever played on the shelf. I took my fender srv stratocaster diagram with mccon-o-wah p / u’s in the guitar store and they simply excellent and I gathered a crowd. If you want the SRV / Hendrix sound nothing compares to micro bell tones mccon-o-wah IMO. Stick with the KWS strat. Nice picking good! Keep posting! Thank you !! 

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