SRV Number One History

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Who knows the SRV Number One History ? So what exactly happened to the guitar Has anyone rob or was it natural Sorry dude you slightly wrong. The Austin City Limits DVD is perfect reference. Part 1 of a white SRV you are talking about but the Horn Top Body Part 2 There is, at this moment either missing or abducted by Stevie was not number one on Lenny to do your research. actually you’re all wrong. the neck of your vision is of a different guitar Srvs !!! he broke the original trying to make a tour of his brother used to do. tryed it bounces off the wall and broken neck. lol you guys crack me. Later on the wing repaired the original neck and back on.

Sounds like vintage style tuners .The original neck had no tuners Reese on it. Neck replacement did. and yes, the origin was re-installed, but the origional strings were rewound on the guitar, a lot of time, but possible. I guess they took apart for specifications to build copies as geetar is the most expensive in the world geetar, and they tore haha oh well.You guys are blind if you think this is a copy. the date is on the back of the body behind the springs to turn. and if you look at the doll where the old style vintage tuners use is, marks them there.

Wings re-pro did not get that detailed in the relic. oh and why it has new hardware is because Stevie constantly changed his fender srv stratocaster improvements equipment. if you documented the guitar better see you. then yes. its the real thing. accept it.This is definitely a fake because the guitar Stevie Ray did not have that SRV cream lettering in the last years of his life. Stevie put multicolored holographic sticker letters in a font the block type. This seems to be one of the 100 copies made Fender. They have to put it on holographic letters rather than what they ended up using. More people have been accustomed to see him as he was for several years until the crash. 

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